David and Nancy Slinde Speaking at their "Sending Service"

Friday, January 24, 2014

School bells

We are taking a break reporting about the Volcano, but do not assume all is well as the internal activity is increasing. School bells are ringing in El Salvador. The new school year is underway. Before we left in November we visited another school and wrote about that visit in our December email. We are partnering with a Salvadoran family to work on this project together. We received the following note of encouragement from Leonor and want to share it with you. A little back ground information: Fredy and Leonor own a sugar cane field in this community. The parents asked Fredy to help make improvements in the school buildings and school equipment. With help of the Sugar Cane Association that purchased building materials, the parents built a large classroom building. When we visited they needed funds to purchase lamina for repairing a roof, desks for students and teachers, dividers to separate the big room into three classrooms. We were able to provide $2,000 for them to begin. We shared our message with friends at home and received another $2,000 in donations that will be used for purchasing text books, repairs to the bathrooms and making a future computer room secure. That’s the $2,000 mentioned in the note below. We saw what was needed, we shared the need, and we invited others to join us in responding to their needs. That’s the excitement and joy in the community and in the email from Leonor. Dear David and Nancy: Things have been busy around the school. The teachers have been receiving training from FEPADE (Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo), before classes started. And they told us that are very happy because they see in all the community of the school a great enthusiasm. Hopefully, if things keep on going this way, FEPADE will match the children from Centro Escolar Lotificación Mariscal for them to keep on studying carpentry, mechanics and bread making. We are very happy too. It is great to hear we have $2,000 more. We have started to buy the things we need for the roof of the computer room, because FEPADE will come to visit any moment and we need to have the class room ready. Classes have started today and we have received some books, not too many, but it adds. I will let you know how many groups of books we got because some people told me that they still are getting them for me. Receive from Centro Escolar Lotificación Mariscal many blessings. They have hope, enthusiasm and joy. Parents are happy with hope of a better future for their children. Teachers feel that their efforts are worth it and have a purpose. The new room gives enthusiasm to the children. Let´s keep this school in our prayers so they really can keep on growing and getting better for the sake of our children. Best regards Fredy & Leonor