David and Nancy Slinde Speaking at their "Sending Service"

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rotary and social time

Our Friend Daniel Rivera is acknowledged for his service beyond self in the implementation of the Computer Project in La Granja by the visiting District Governor.  In addition to this project Daniel was also on site for 3 ½ years providing all the support for the sanitation project in the same communities.

Second picture David y Nancy Slinde are acknowledged for their work by improving 5 public schools, by replacing roofing, installing drop ceiling, text desks (student & teacher) new floors, computer class rooms, windows, lightening, air conditioning.
One of the Rotarians was familiar with a restaurant up the side of the volcano from La Granja.  It was a time of sharing by the Rotarians and this is what we learned.

Club Rotario has numerous partnerships with clubs from the United States.   Its youngest members are encouraged to find a project they can work on.  The project may need administration oversight, technical resources, not necessarily funding from the club, but funding might be needed.
A newer member Daniel is working on a plantics project here in the city of San Salvador.  The goal is to teach the children where food comes from and these projects are meant to demonistrate that it can be done in new and different ways.  The sites are at schools, the technical support is offered by a local university and funding is provided by agency from Spain.
Another project is surgery for children with defective hearts.  They shared stories of children before and after surgery-was amazing.  Another current project is prosthetecs for 100 Salvadorans.  Service above self--its why we like it here.

It gets better next week.

David y Nancy 

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