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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What's the Buzz

At a farm we visited, there are 65 bee hives.  This is a fairly new and growing initiative that requires specialized equipment, including a smoker, gloves, and protective wear.
Each hive box includes 8 “marks” of frames with a structure for the bees to fill.  To harvest the honey, the overflow of a full mark is scraped into a large barrel; then the mark with its contents is inserted into one of the 4 slots in photo two.  A hand crank spins the marks around and around to empty the honey.  The comb residue is left allowing the bees to begin with a head start to produce more honey. 

How do you market honey in El Salvador?  Well nothing is easy in this country.  Every initative requires research to find a market.

In the bottom picture we are in the part of the city called Zona Rosa.  When we started visiting El Salvador, Zona Rosa was the place to avoid.  Now it is the night place of San Salvador.  You can party all night in its many night clubs or fine restaurants.  The upper and middle class are the clients of this district and new bars and upscale lounges open every year.

A new micro-brewery has also opened in this district.  It has six large vats, providing brews of Pale White, Wheat, Red and Irish Stout.  Four different glass sizes are offered to try all their beer tastes and you can purchase a 6 pack to take home. 

What’s the buzz?  This brewery uses the farm honey for one of its special brews.

The food selection is limited but the food is outstanding quality along with the excellent beer. We’ll go back for more! (Do you see Nancy?)

David y Nancy

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